© Photographe Calypso Mahieu / EPFL+ECAL Lab

Metaphysiks, collaborated with a designer at the beginning of its product’s industrialization phase. A very positive and learning experience that helped the company save a lot of time.

Founded in 2019, Metaphysiks Engineering SA is a spinoff merging the expertise of the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab & the Robotic Systems Lab at EPFL.

The startup builds silicon-touch, “haptic” devices that can stimulate a sense of touch through vibrations and changes in pressure and temperature. STill is Metaphysiks’ first product…

© Shade Me / Designer Sumegha Mantri

Shade Me is a decentralized smart blind system developed by Yujie Wu at the Solar Energy and Building Physics laboratory of EPFL. This is an account of his experience of collaborating with designers in an effort to bring the technology from lab to business.

Simplicity is a lot of hard work

Yujie, tell us a little about the ShadeMe technology. What makes it special?

Ever been inside a glass facade…

Sébastien Cajot, cofounder of the Valais-based start-up Urbio, explains how design helped the team develop a more efficient and user-friendly software, while surpassing fears and misconceptions related to AI.

© Urbio — Early wireframe of the decision support platform for planning sustainable cities.

Urbio’s mission is to help key players in the urban energy transition to discover the most effective solutions to achieve their…

© Bionomous / Agence Multiple final product

The EPFL based start-up develops product to sort small biological entities. Frank Bonnet, CEO, shares the design story and main challenges they had to face while developing Bionomous’ devices.

Founded in November 2019 by Frank Bonnet et Ana Hernando Ariza, Bionomous aims at bringing to the market new solutions that…

© Artiria / Sumegha Mantri industrial designer

Smartguide is a device that aims to help treat cerebrovascular accidents (strokes). Nowadays, to treat strokes, surgeons use the patients’ vascular system as an access route to the brain. However, the devices in use today offer limited control and lead to an unnecessary increase in the length of the operation…

La main robotique de la professeur Aude Billard / © Catherine Leutenegger

“Entrepreneurs all face pressure to deliver a product quickly, within the bounds of time and wherewithal that were allotted to them. Executing a prototyping strategy given these constraints is a daunting task”, explains Laurent Balmelli, engineer, multipreneur and invited professor at Keio University, Tokyo. …

Making the user experience unique

© Dynamico / Joelle Aeschlimann

Background and Technology

Handwriting is a key skill that children develop. It is the basis of many core educational activities such as taking notes, composing stories and self-expression. However, even with proper training, handwriting difficulties persist in up to 25% of children.

This may have a negative impact…

Enabled by Design

Matching design expertise with innovative technology to accelerate the startup journey from lab to market

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